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“Balance,” by Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein is a stop motion film released in 1989. The Lauensteins are twin brothers who were born and raised in West Germany, and their film “Balance,” went on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 1990. The film portrays five men fighting over a box on a platform which needs to remain balanced. The film was released around the time of the dismantling and collapse of the Soviet Union.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Crowdfunding is very high-risk and puts all your capital investment at danger of loss.


Backed by VC Firms: Coinbase Ventures and Polychain Capital.

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Linen is a Decentralized financial investing app looking to help democratize wealth building. This company is probably one of the best looking investments on the platform for awhile now. …

Sophomore and Junior year of college I received paid design internship offers from two different companies. Just like you are thinking— It wasn’t easy. My journey included a lot of searching, time, and work.

Man doing web design on his computer
Man doing web design on his computer
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Since freshman year of college, I wanted an internship. A degree from a school of design doesn’t get you very far, experience and connections do. The design industry is a competitive place, and I wanted experience which would help me land future jobs. So let me tell you how I made it happen my junior year. We’ll start the journey with the search.

Internship Hunting

Internships pop-up throughout…

To be honest I was never expecting to get an interview, let alone an offer.

With recent events my first product design interview was done virtually
With recent events my first product design interview was done virtually
My First Product Design Interview was virtual | Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash

I had never worked a day in UX or Product Design. The only thing I had was a degree, a pretty lackluster portfolio, and some confidence.

A couple hours after I applied to a job posting the companies VP of Product shot me an email. “Could you do an interview say around 9 am Wednesday.” My first thought was — no way that was a fast response. Plus, there's an interview! Great! My second thought was — Wait, tomorrow is Wednesday… the interview was in 12 hours.

Not wanting to ruin the opportunity I politely accepted, and the interview was…

In 2016 I stumbled across the online buzz of the Chess World Championship where there were dramatic drawn out games at the highest level between two competitors. There names are ones you might recognize: Magnus Carlsen, the Standing World Champion, and Sergey Karjakin. In 2016 they were 25 and 26 years old respectively.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

These young chess masters fascinated me and peaked my interest in the traditional game of chess. They got me online playing chess. …

Recently in my college endeavors I found a profound interest in neuroscience and mental health. I have been taking classes taught by clinical & social psychologists.

While taking these demanding classes from home, I’ve also spent a lot of hours watching A Platform where live streamers play videogames or create content, and talk to viewers through chat. I use Twitch either for background noise or entertainment, and I also recognize it as a platform for creating a sense of community.

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This is where I just recently ran across a channel live streaming for a couple months, associated with

What some people may of once thought of as good is now being forced on to them. In general humans don’t like this concept.

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Psychological Motivation of the Protests

Motivation is the force that moves people to behave, think, and feel the way they do. So what is the motivation for people to protest a virus that the medical world mostly agree would best be countered by social distancing, and staying home?

Intrinsic motivation involves doing something because it’s personally rewarding to you. Such as fulfilling needs, curiosity, challenge, and fun.

Extrinsic motivation involves doing something because you want to earn a reward or avoid…

Design Research

Design Research is the act of investigating a product’s potential or investigating existing users and the context of use.

Typically design research is qualitative in nature — but can occasionally be quantitative.

Adapted from

Individual Interviews

Individual interviews are critical to most design research since they enable a deep and rich view into the behaviors, attitudes, and lives of people.

Interviews are valuable because you are…

  • Making direct contact with users and developing empathy. (Which is very important in the discipline of UX Design and Research).
  • Understanding needs, constraints, and opportunities. (This is what you’re researching).

Bonus: Sometimes it is also cost effective.

Research Planning


Could we Live Forever?

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Death — “It’s natural, it’s the goal of life,’ ” Kurzweil says. “But that’s not really how we feel when we hear that someone we love has died.”

The question: “what is the fundamental you that is you?”

Is it mind? — a lot of people seem to think so. But if that’s true, can the human mind only exist in a human body, a 1.5kg mass of brain made up of mostly water?

Could it exist somewhere else?

Yes. This is what Google’s resident futurist and famed inventor Ray Kurzweil thinks. …

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

My Winter quarter at college was cut short. My Winter Finals switched to online, the school gave me two weeks to move out of my apartment, and I was told all of spring would be online.

My sister just landed an interview, she was in middle of a job search when uncertainty struck. I myself had just applied to a bunch of internships. I got one email back within a week — “give us some time.”

I didn’t have it the worst though. People are dying. High Schoolers missing Prom, Graduation, their senior years. …

Ross Dillon

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