A Harvard Trained Doctor is Live Streaming with Famous Gamers About Mental Health

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Who and why?

Healthy Gamer in its shortest description is, “a company dedicated to help gamers with their mental health,” whose main streaming personality is addiction psychiatrist Dr. Alok Kanojia.

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Is this Legal?

This is a concern Dr. K has brought up himself. Although he claims not to give medical advice or diagnoses. He does get in to deep emotional conversation with people in public, and has them draw conclusions about themselves which can be tearful. He is not afraid to use his expertise to share his opinions on ideas, and this becomes a grey area. Say if something happens to the person he had been talking to, is he liable? I think there's a possibility that if it came down to a legal battle it could sway either way.

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Empirical Evidence & Eastern Philosophy

If there's one thing I’ve learned from non-white psychiatrists or psychologists who have taught me, or I’ve listened to; It is that we should be aware of Western ideologies, norms, language, cultural biases, and practices(and vise versa for the East).

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Should We Be Skeptical?

Once someone online goes from producing content to doing training for coaches and selling merchandise, I automatically threw up a red flag. I wanted to voice my opinion on this — but I didn’t want to make assumptions as I believe this business which is selling a “community” is still too early on in the process for me to try and make claims. So in a more general note: Be wary.

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