Top Republic Crowdfunding Startup Investment Picks April 2021

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Crowdfunding is very high-risk and puts all your capital investment at danger of loss.


Backed by VC Firms: Coinbase Ventures and Polychain Capital.

Linen is a Decentralized financial investing app looking to help democratize wealth building. This company is probably one of the best looking investments on the platform for awhile now. If Linen takes off in the DeFi space which is growing crazy crazy fast, there is huge upside potential in this venture if it becomes a mainstream platform for crypto and finance, and will look to hit its valuation or be acquired by a larger company.

This is a growing market with lots of capital floating around and very high market-size projections in coming years. The founders have experience in blockchain technology and traditional finance background. Linen has raised millions from top VC Firms and has already raised millions in crowdfunding.

An investment in Linen is a Crowd SAFE with a minimum investment of $200.

0% discount. A discount would’ve made this investment more enticing, but obviously they don’t need perks to get people to invest. A lot of people are throwing money at this company, so it is definitely a top pick.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Linen hit its funding goal of $4,900,000


Backed by VC: Tim Draper

Digibuild is an interesting company that is attempting to revolutionize global construction industry software using blockchain technology. This is a space looking for innovation with a lot of potential, but with a market of only about $9 Billion. This is a construction management software and the company has been releasing updates about clients and potential clients.

Tim Draper’s investment came as the company was semi-finalist on “Meet the Drapers,” and the company also raised $340K pre-seed. I don’t think the conversion valuation is terrible sitting at $7.5 million, but as in all startups there is an uphill battle here.

An investment in Digibuild is a Crowd SAFE with a minimum investment of $150. Future equity is at a 20% discount.


Backed by VC Firm: Galaxy Interactive

Tempo is in eSports organization founded in 2014 which has spread in to interactive media and now game development. The company is launching a video game this year with big market potential in the ‘strategy’ genre. The game they’re launching is called, “The Bazaar” and is expected to drop in Q3 2021. If it flops, the business pretty much will be in rough waters only making around $2–3 million in revenue. If the game does well this company has room for a lot of growth in game development and in general. They expect revenue to be $4.5 million this year. I’m a big fan of the CEO and he knows what he’s doing, but it wouldn’t surprise me if his glory days are coming to a close.

That being said Tempo has raised over $6 million to date from outside investors, but this conversion valuation of $30 million seems like quite the stretch for those looking to get their equity.

An investment in Tempo is a Crowd SAFE with $100 minimum investment at 20% discount.

The company also has cool bonus perks such as merch and beta access to their new game. Which at the same time is also a red flag for incentivizing investments.

Jane West

This company is not backed by any notable VCs or VC Firms.

Jane West is a cannabis product brand. There is a lot of potential in the cannabis space, especially this brand which is women led and making smoking more fashionable. These products help a lot of people and there is great growth and profit potential here. Jane West is getting a lot of publicity and praise, will the company live up to it? We’ll find out.

This is Jane West’s third funding round through republic, already raising large sums of money. Why are no strategic partner investors mentioned, why is it all crowdfunded? This is a fair question. However, Jane West did do a $1.3 million seed round, and if diversity is important to you, 80% of investors were women and people of color.

This is a globally recognized brand and the valuation for future equity was set at $15 Million, a little high for a brand but definitely possible, with room for acquisition here as well.

An investment in Jane West is a Crowd SAFE with a $25 minimum investment at 0% discount.

Fan Controlled Football Teams

Backed by VC Firms: Lightspeed Ventures and Verizon Ventures

FCF Teams are fan controlled football teams where fans call the plays during an interactive stream. Sports leagues have long records of failure, and it is more likely this company will fail than for you to receive portions of revenue. But this is a super cool investment and it’s backed by some big names, plus you can have fun and interact with the community and business.

This company is backed by major names in the capital area such as Verizon and also by social media stars and celebrities. From Rappers, to TikTokers, to Athletes, and much more. A lot of famous people are involved in this league and they’re giving fans the opportunity to get in on the action. Plus it is also a cool interactive and fan-based league in general.

An investment in FCF Teams is a Crowd IPA (Interests Purchase Agreement) to acquire membership units of a limited liability company with a $150 minimum investment, $1.50 per security.

Basically if this company becomes profitable they will send you proportional profits.

There are 4 teams in the league, and you can invest in each of them:

Other Wildcard Investments:

As of writing this the author was not invested in any of the companies mentioned.

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